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Ratings, reviews and such E2 Computers needs your Yelp reviews.

Its all about the numbers. Everywhere you go people want to show off how good they are from Health Ratings, IHS scores, JD Power, User Ratings at Amazon, eBay and every other on line merchant.

Support our Wounded Veterans! Jelly Belly will donate 25 cents to support US veterans & their famili

Now its time for E2 Computers to get its due.  We have been around for over 10 years but do not push for customer reviews. Today starts a new dawn as this seems to one of our best marketing tools. Yes the internet and surprisingly Google and Yelp draw us most of our new business. So we are  asking existing customers to help promote our company and its services. Check out our listing on Yelp. Take a few moments to rate us.

If your review gets a mention from a customer we will reward you too.  Rewards will be announced as we have honorable mentions, gifts may range from discounts on service. eGift Certificates for some of our Online affiliates, Advertisement on our Web and Blog, and also the greatly forgotten Thank You.  We really appreciate your help and hope to continue doing best we can for you.
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A Big Thanks to all our customers, clients, and friends as we get ready to start our 11th year in Tarpon Springs this Fall.


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