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Bezos’s Law why this blog?

Many laws or rules about technology development exist in our industry, one I have always been aware of was Moore’s Law which has to do with increasing the power of the CPU and shrinking it’s size.  However,  Jeff Bezos’s law has to do with the cost of storage.  He points out that the cost of computing power in the cloud is reduced by 50% every 3 years.  And storage may be dropping even faster with iCloud announcing a 70% change. With these costs dropping it only begs to ask why build certain types of infrastructure on premise when it may be less expensive in the cloud.  Microsoft is offering commercial Office 365 users 1TB of storage.  Se more of the interview with Jeff Bezos in the CIO Insight article ” What Does Bezos’s Law Mean for Your Data Center?” So why in our blog. Simple the cost of remote backup is going down and is now feasible for many users who never thought about a solid recovery plan. Remember the best backup plans have a local and remote storage solution. Keeping the backup near the actual data source is not a safe way to do it. We offer many products for this including solutions from Carbonite. Solutions include Home. Small Business, Medium Business and beyond. Check out our product line. If you are looking for an onsite Hybrid solution we have an appliance for that. Contact us directly for more info about the Carbonite Appliance or any other questions. Carbonite@end2endsupport.com or visit our web site at http://www.end2endsupport.com.

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