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Why make Calendar synchronizing so hard.

For several years I had a nice thing going between my Google calendar on my Droid and my Outlook Calendar on my Desktop. Then one day “You’ve Got Mail” oh it’s a letter from Google letting me know they are no longer supporting Google Sync.  Well even that is only a half truth. They are still supporting it for paid subscribers of Google Apps for business, education etc.  Finally this August my sync utility came to a screeching failure and I am sure many others.  I even turned to GoDaddy and was given false hope that the WorkSpace calendar would do the trick. After getting it all setup I find out it does not do 2way updating to Google.  It has other sync issues but that is another tale.  So I an article written on AbleBits blog on how to “Sync Google Calendar with Outlook 20120 and 2013“.  Svetlana Cheusheva outlined several solutions and we chose to use the program gSyncit by Fieldston Sofdtware.  It has more capability than simple gMail Calendar sync including sync to DropBox,Toodledo, Evernote, Simplenote, Nozbe, and Pocket Information Online.

gSyncit supports 1 and 2 way synchronization of Calendar, contacts, notes and tasks. At a cost for just under 20.00 this would be well spent versus the amount of time I tried to find solutions for sync to my droid calendar.

I hope this review is useful and you find the tool as handy as we did here at E2 Computers.
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