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Late August and the hits just keep coming, Data Breaches that is.

From on going retail data breaches at the POS to US Government employees.  The numbers of companies being hacked is just incredible. Lets start with retail The Supervalu was hacked between Jun 22 and July 22. Stores involved include Cub Foods, Farm Fresh, Hornacher’s, Shop n  Save, Shoppers Food& Pharmacy.  Additionally stores formerly owned by Supervalu and still receive the same technology included Albertson’s, ACME Markets, Jewel-Osco, Shaw’s and Star Markets. This is according to an article from Forbes by  Kate Vinton, “Data Breach Bulletin: Chinese Hackers Allegedly Steal 4.5 Million Patient Records“.

In this article it was also listed that CHS, Community Health Systems  had 4.5 million records stolen allegedly by Chinese hackers.  This may be the largest patient data breach to date. For more info in this breach look at the Forbes article “Cyber Attack Nets 4.5 Million Records from Large Hospital System“.   CHS is treating this as a HiPPA violation although, the hackers did not gain access to medical records, only demographic information.  Forbes article indicates that the CHS hack was done by a group known as APT 18. Other health related breaches include Onsite Health Diagnostics, Jersey City Medical Ctr., Rady Children’s Hospital. And the Natural Online a online vitamin retailer.

  Last for this little hit list is the Government. It appears that the company that does background checks for Home Land Security has also been breached. The department has notified that as many as 25,000 Federal Employees may be affected. This breach appears to involve USIS a major provider of background checks for DHS and other Federal Agencies, according to the FCW artickle “25,000 affected by USIS Breach“, by Mark Rockwell.  USIS is currently suspended from current work with DHS and is in a January lawsuit alleging that the firm has had more than 665,000 incomplete background checks in the past 4 years. So again you can see the breadth and magnitude of the type of breaches that are going on regularly.

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