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Update Home Depot acknowledges Data Breach.

In recent news here in Tampa they said the breach could affect millions of customers. Computerworlds update states that HD has not indicated the numbers affected yet. See more at Home Depot Confirms Breach. In the article it states that HD is aware payment systems were hacked, but later they say they do not believe Debit Card or PIN data was compromised.  Not sure how to figure that one out but I am sure this will not be the last breach we here about. As reported earlier this may be the biggest breach ever, and Targets were over 40 Million payment cards.

As of September 9th 2014 HD Stock is still down over $1.00 in this mornings trading.

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  1. end2endsupport says:

    More info about the Russian group for this can also be seen at KnowBe4 blog.

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