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Technincal Department email ….scam “You have 492 critical errors…”

I was working on a customers machine this morning that believed she had several issues with here machine because she was receiving an email like this:


An example of a phishing or fake marketing attack based on computer issues.

An example of a phishing or fake marketing attack based on computer issues.

Interesting is that on the same day out of the blue to one of my garbage collection accounts I also received this email It is spam advertising. If you actually read the entire email it does disclose itself as an ad.  Do not click on the unsubscribe link as we have said many times this is like unleashing the Craken from Hell.  Unsubscribing is the easiest way for these marketers to figure out that you are alive and responding to the email. You have now told them the email address is valid so they can sell it to other marketing companies.  Just delete the email.


If you are concerned that your machine is having issues set up an appointment with us at the E2 Computers office in Tarpon Springs, or for a on-site visit, or a remote phone support session.

If you are looking to buy a new copy or renew you “Vipre antivirus check out our blog article Instructions for E2 Customers to renew Vipre Licenses home users.” or visit our antivirus site GotAVirusBug.com and click on the Vipre ad.
Google ad


If the google add is for technical support you may want to contact E2 Computers first.  We offer Managed Support for desktops starting at 20.00 per month. We include Antivrus, daily health checks (reported to our staff), Update management

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