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Looking for a lawyer who wants to go after telemarketing scammers.

I highly doubt that my post will get the attention of a good law firm that wants to work with e to try and stop some of these telemarketing scams. I am talking about the scam that you are told your computer has some issue by a voice on the other end of a phone. You try to find out who they are and they imply they are with a big company like “Microsoft” ,”McAfee”, “Norton”, “Symantec” or they may even identify themselves as iSecure. The caller then suggests he can prove his claim to the fact that you are having issues. He has you most likely bring up task manager “Ctrl+Alt+Del” and may suggest you have too much stuff running.  Like the example below:


They may suggest you have too many things running or to much memory or that some app is utilizing to much cpu resource, sadly it could be true or it may just be the nature of your computer and existing programs. So what are you going to do?

Well first follow a simple rule if you were not looking for help, in my case I was cooking dinner, then why would you  accept it at this moment.  Now an exception may be if you do pay a company to assist in managing your computers like we do for many of our clients. But, we are a paid service not free.  When we do solicit we offer service not just tell you your computer is broken.

So I suggest you hang up and move on.  By the way Microsoft suggest a similar course of action check out this entry in the Microsoft Community “I received a phone call to “Windows” users from ISECURE.”

I hope this helps people.

My second plea here was to figure away to go after these types of scams and try to put a stop, legally and financially if any one has suggestions just comment on the blog.

Thanks for taking time to read and comment

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