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Sample of support scam call from Windows Company 1-240-389-8094(Maryland).

I would not feel bad if everyone in the US calls this number. They may be the best support company in the world because they believe they can predict or detect that your computer has been hacked. I have been writing about these scams for a while now in my blog, and in this case I even recorded the call from Maxwell at the Windows Corporation not Microsoft.   At the end you will hear the caller tell me to F*Off but during the whole call I gave him hints that I might have been a little aware of what was going on. I have no idea why he is surprised.  The following YouTube video is a recording of the call.  If you like it leave comments, if you don’t like the support scam leave them a message on the phone number (204)389-8094.

I would appreciate the forwarding of this blog link or the YouTube link to as many as people as possible.  Thanks in advance for getting the word out.

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