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AARP – Seniors and iPads

I recently received an ad from AARP for their RealPad for seniors. I am not sure I like the relationship with the product and it’s main distribution Wal-Mart. But, looking over some AARP videos I found an interesting speech from Gary Jones co-author of “My iPad for Seniors“. The video below is Gary doing a speech for his Book Signing in Boston.

Not trying to sell away from AARP but I believe that their are many other options in the world of tablets than the RealPad.  If you follow suggestions like Gary Jones has given an iPad is and will be the main choice of Mac and iPhone enthusiasts. If you are fan of Androids then you have a whole family of different devices ranging in cost from just over $50.00 and up.  Windows enthusiasts will find devices with versions of windows from RT (we usually avoid) to Windows 8.1 Pro.  Windows has a Windows market place just like Android has the Play Store and Apple has the App Store.  As many of my readers know for products we do not carry in the store we often use links to Amazon as they are an Affiliate Partner and we do get paid for referral business to them. Amazon also has a customized Tablet the “Kindle Fire” not just a reader it is a modified Android tablet with features added just for Amazon.  It is also another look see for choices in this market and should not be overlooked especially if the user is a fan of Kindle books and Amazon Prime streaming Video and Audio.

Links to purchase tablets from Amazon including iPad, Android and Kindle Fire.
Kindle Fire Tablets
iPad Links
Android Tablets
Windows Tablets
If you are interested in more information about Tablets based on the Windows operating system E2 Computes is a reseller of Microsoft Products, Asus, Lenovo, Acer and many other partners so please contact our techs if you need assistance or wish to purchase tablets from our company.

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