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H#ll must be frozen, Microsoft is giving something away for free!

It sure is a cold day and Hell must be frozen see why….

I hope not to get in trouble for my title but this is both a great thing and horrible thing. For our business it is just another software product Microsoft is taking from our sales inventory.  But, the real good news is once again Microsoft has changed the OS. Based on the January event one thing to look forward to is a seamless migration to Windows 10.

Some how we missed the insider event notice so we have not seen a live copy yet. But, clearly from this presentation they have listened to the complaints from Windows 8 users and have merged features of Windows 8 and 7 together.

They are also going to update the Phone interface to Windows 10 as well as bring Windows 10 to the Xbox One environment. This is to enhance the ability for users to move from one device to the other, and also bring Windows games to the Xbox world.

Check out this video it is very techie and it is over 2 hours long but it is an insiders look to where Microsoft is going.

Windows 10 Overview:

Some of the tech is very cool.  New tablets, and even HoloLens are coming.  For more info on the HoloLens check out the review from TechCrunch author Tadhg Kelly. Oh yes and Cortona is going to be on the PC, what is Cortsna well not to infringe on Apple but it is Microsoft’s version of Siri.

Hear is one of the Microsoft ads Siri vs. Cortsna have a look and laugh.

Cortana vs. Siri

Well we will add more about Windows 10 as we have a chance to test it too.

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