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Google and many other providers supply ways for bad stuff to get on your computer. Don’t be fooled.

During the viewing of YouTube videos a paid ad kept popping up to update the drivers on the  system and that it was recommended by Microsoft.  I hope this really is not the case.  Like many users I see update messages all the time but lately they have been showing up in browser screens, and for all of you who say “Oh he must be using Internet Explorer” that is hogwash.  These are paid ads in Google ads and on other sites Ad Choice and many others.  They sell ad space to anyone who wants to buy and their is their business.  It is up to us to be vigil about what we install on our computers.  By now many have read about SuperFish and this was installed by the manufacture.  So here is what one of these ads might look like.

FakeUpdate messageTo an average user not really paying attention it may be interpreted as a warning from the YouTube but if you look closely it does say ad in the bottom right corner.  Before everyone at Slimware attacks my blog for this post I will say they did get a better than average review from PCMag.com. But when you look at one of Microsoft’s forums you may see a different view. Check out The Windows Community Blog.  Now the truth is I don’t care if they sell their product or not. I just want my readers to realize there are lots of companies looking to take you money in the name of making your computer faster, the internet better etc.  so use your head. If this is a real update and you skip it for now it will come back later and Microsoft will remind you that it is required.

Help maintain you machine by being aware of what is installed and removing software when you are no longer needing it.  If you want some professional eyes assiting you in improving you computer find a reputable tech who is willing not only to fix your computer but also willing to explain the problem as well.   I hope you will contact us in the future for technical support, custom built computers and other computer and internet server ices.  Check us out at E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs or on the web at www.end2endsupport.com

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