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Create task from email in Office 2013 tip.

Office 2010 and 2013 were loaded with learning curves for many of us, and a loss of functionality. One feature we used was the ability to drag an email to the calendar pane to create a meeting or appointment.  In researching we kept finding a dead end that it couldn’t be done.  We may have not been the first to discover this workaround but, we hope it will be useful to many.  This is the what we found.

In the past you would just drag the email to the Calendar Pane.

Outlook Calendar pane

Now instead of dragging the email to the left calendar pane just drag it to the word Calendaar in the Office 365 Task Bar menu (seen below).

365 office taskbar

This will then trigger a schedule appointment window to open and you can the set the appropriate time and date and the contents of the email will be in the body of the appointment.

We hope this tip was helpful for more Office and other Window related questions check out E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs, or visit us on the web www.end2endsupport.com

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