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University of Illinois Chemists make the news in 3D printing, and chemical sniffing.

Congratulations to Dr. Ken Suslick on receiving the Innovation Transfer Award.  Dr. Suslick’s research group at U of I in chemistry developed a chemical sniffing detector.  The device detects different odors based on optical sensors and has been called an “Optoelectronic Nose”. This is cool science but the number one reason this is on our site is because, Ken is my cousin. Here is a little interview he did about the project and you can find out what it actually does.

The announcement of the award was posted on the Chemistry of Illinois web site in March. Chemistry

Another chemistry project out of U of I that got my attention was work being done by Martin Burke.  We are  following stories in the 3D printing space and have been testing 3D printers in our office.  Dr. Burke has developed the ability to build chemical molecules using the same concept as 3D printers.  Making it possible to assemble complex molecules from simple molecules.  The first article we found about this was from Inside 3D Printing “University of Illinois Chemist Designs Molecular Synthesizing 3D Printer” .  This is a online newsletter that focuses on everything 3D.

It is amazing where the 3D industry is headed.


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