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Oops we missed the announcement of the death of IE…But what about the rise of Spartan?

A customer asked us today about the death of IE.  We told him that we had not heard about it yet. Oops he was right so we started to look into it. The first thing hit our inbox today from the Fiver community was a great story about how Microsoft never really did what it takes to make IE the tool of choice. Se the article “What the Death of Internet Explorer Has to Do With Your Business” on the Fiver Blog.

At the end of the article they mention the Microsoft Project Spartan.  This is the new browsing experience for Windows 10.  The article on the Verge explains that Spartan will be added to Windows 10 and in some versions the Internet Explorer product will be available for enterprise compatibility.  The Verge article continues to explain that MS is looking to rebrand the experience and is spending a lot of time identifying its final name.  Take a look at The Verge article “Microsoft is killing off the Internet Explorer Brand.”


Check out this Microsoft Introduction of the Spartan Project
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