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Salesforce rallies against Indiana new law supporting discrimination.

We applaud Salesforce for stepping up against this law. Indiana has created a law that allows a business to refuse a customer based on the companies religious conviction. This may be ok if the business was a church where the conflict may exist. But, seriously this law seems to be a legalization of discrimination.

In an article in CNN they quoted the Indiana Chamber of Commerce

“In our eyes, the law is entirely unnecessary. Passing the law was always going to bring the state unwanted attention.”

This law was signed my Gov. Mike Pence dubbed the “Religious Freedom Law”.

Other groups that are speaking out include Salesforce-CRM, Eli Lily-LLY, NCAA.

The NCAA said they were concerned cause it could effect student athletes and employees.

Gen Con indicated that it could effect hosting their convention in Indiana.

YELP has also commented and said they will make efforts to expand its operations in states that do not have laws like this.

Additionally take a look at this story on CNN Money about a law being promoted in Alabama for LGBT Equality.

Some of our thoughts on this go way beyond but in Indian what will be a legal refusal. Can a business refuse you just cause the way you look, or color you choose to wear. Maybe they will refuse you cause you walk in with a friend of the same sex and they assume you must be gay.  This law is a joke. We hope that this law can get struck down before we have to spend money in District, Federal and Supreme courts.

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