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Are remote access tools safe?

Remote Access Tools

Are RATs safe?

Are  remote access tools safe? We have had many discussions about topics like this because in order to effectively use RAT tools on multiple desktops and servers you have to know a lot of passwords and ids. This means keeping lists, or software that maintains the combinations either that you have or is part of the RAT.  Our argument is that the easier we make it for ourselves the easier we make it for the outsider.



Can legal over the counter software turn against its owners like a rabid dog?

Currently we have encountered a client that believes they were breached through one of these tools. In researching the topic I found an interesting article that many may of you will want to read. The article talks about how a virus/malware took advantage of a well known RAT and was used for illegal activity.  A cyber crime using a program known as TeamSpy to steal assets and it ran for a long period of time undetected. Check out the full story “How TeamSpy Turned Legitimate TeamViewer App Into Cyberespionage Tool“. It appear that the software found a new master and indeed did turn on its owner.

This is one of those aha moments and you begin to think how big is my front door? not to mention my backdoor, drain holes, windows and other ports of entry.

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