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McDonalds brings back the Fried Apple Pie!

Hey maybe they got it right. They brought back the fried apple pie.  FriedAppleMCDI thought this was going to be gone like the DoDo Bird.  However maybe it is true that good things come to those who wait.  I had one of these the other day and it took me back to the good old days. When MCD’s was the place to be.  Crunchy crispy apple and cinnamon the way it should be.  This is what it is all about. McDonalds is not a place that I go for healthy eating it is a place for comfort food. I think it should be simple and not expensive.  They need to simplify the menu and realize they are not going to be the food stop for everyone.  Focus on making the food taste good.  What happened to simple things like flavor. My favorite is still the regular patty used for the hamburger, cheeseburger and the Big Mac. Focus on these and put flavor back into the flavorless patties that are now being used and you may find that store sales will increase.

The US has forced restaurants to post the nutritional value of the food on the menu.  I know this is supposed to be good but the truth is that when most people go to a Wendys, Burger King, McDonalds or other fast food joint they aren’t going for a veggie burger and air fries.  So while it is nice to add health choices McDs should make no excuses for who they are and realize the Chipotle crowd may not be there customer.  Clearly speed, price and taste are the things people want from a drive-in.  So like the Apple Pie just simplify go back to what you are really good at. Basic shakes, burgers, chicken nuggets, Big Mac, Egg McMuffin and the once famous Fries.BakedAppleMCD

Oh I know there are some other items to hang on to but I am not looking for the Hot and Cold sandwich or the Quac on a my burger from McDonalds, that is something I met have at a Ruby Tuesday.  This is just to messy to drive and eat anyway.  Remember it is the simplicity that got Ray Crock’s idea of repetition out there and now there are just to many variables.  Work on getting the food right and teaching the franchisers how to cook it so it has flavor and is done. No more raw undercooked fries.  These changes might bring back the old loyal fans.

When I am in Chicago and looking for a good Hot Dog I look for the little joints that only offer a few items if I want it right, not the chains that can offer me a hot dog and ribs or spaghetti, you can not get them all right. So stay focused.

The new Fried apple pie gets a 10 in my book any day.

Now lets get Cherry back in it’s crispy shell too.

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