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June Bug (Virus) Cleanup now through June 15th.


Well its that time of the year spring cleaning is done now it is time to clean your PC. This is a great opportunity to have the little bugs removed from your PC or Laptop. E2 Computers is offering a special with a copy of this blog. A complete cleanup and tune-up for $85.00 (Cash or Check). Virus cleanup is reg. 85.00 and a tune up is 85.00 so this is a 50% off special.

But for this special it even gets better, every day our first drop-offs will get a special price we are calling this the early bird special, because we know the early bird always gets the worm (Yuk)!

So for the 1st Cleanup each day the price will drop:

  • 1st $65.00
  • 2nd $70.00
  • 3rd $75.00
  • 4th $80.00

For this discount you must bring in a copy of this post.


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