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2015 Hurricane season began what are you going to do if disaster strikes your data?

We hope that you are already doing something to protect your data because if you are waiting for disaster to strike it may be too late.  But, the sad truth is that most end users and businesses do not think of the data as important or they believe the computer can’t fail.  You are dead wrong.  This is not going to be a long entry I am just providing a couple of vendors that you can begin your DYI data protection or as an alternative you can work with us and we can help you implement a plan.

Just do something!

E2 Computers has Carbonite store front located at:




When you purchase Carbonite through are web store we can se the active status of you account and it’s backups from our Portal. So we can help some even if you are on a DYI plan.


Another backup we recommend if you do not like Carbonite is SOS please click on the link below and check their offerings instead.

















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