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Reasons we think Windows 10 is not ready for prime time.

It is now Jun 2015 and I agree even now that Windows 10 is not ready for prime time. I have had repeated upgrading issues with the OS. Additionally the search/cortona function stops working after several updates from the base build.

Even more importantly to me I think the new windows menu function needs greater improvement. Lets step back an look at why this is being changed. Most users of windows 7 like the old menu format.


In this menu you have the ability to open all programs.

On the current version of Windows 10 Preview I have to scroll up and down to list all the programs.

In Windows 8 to list all programs we hit the arrow key and then get a nice expanded list of programs that can be sorted by last installed, alphabetic, most used etc.  But again in windows 10 we seem to lose this.

In Windows 8 we get the Tile start menu that scrolls right to left and scrolls off border works well with touch and mouse.  In windows 10 we get a grid area next to the all programs list and if it does not fit it scrolls up and down.

So how is this a better way?  Why not give us the choice either a windows 7/XP menu void the tiles or a Windows 8 option.  Surprisingly I have been in this industry since windows 3.1 and have learned to adopt to the interfaces each time.  But I think the current version of the widows 10 interface is a horrible compromise to the start menu. What is Microsoft thinking.

Additionally while the upgrade from windows 8 to 10 went fairly smoothly (not really) I had to retry several times.  And as I may have said earlier updates failed several times. I finally did a clean install and things went well until an upgrade killed my search functionality. After several reinstalls I got the capability back for a while but again after some updates it was gone.  Eventually I even lost the ability to open the start menu. Finally the last step was the inability to upgrade to 10130.

I do not think the product is consumer ready for July and Microsoft really needs to review the failures its test base is having or it will have another “Vista” on its hands. So what if Windows 10 is free…If it fails and hurts the image of the Company (Microsoft) this could be very significant to further acceptance of other flagship products.

I hope Microsoft takes these comments seriously. I know that some of this may be superficial but first look and feel may really make or break this product and the need to get it right.

Please not I would include more images from windows 10 screens but my test machine crashed and I am having issues reinstalling the base image.

1st review of windows 10 from E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs



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