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Do you really need an app for that? Especially on the Apple Watch.

I was reading an article from TechCrunch that questions what apps are appropriate for the Apple Watch. I think it brings to light some great ideas as to what is appropriate and what does not make sense. While it seems like the world want s everything on every platform it just does not make sense.

I certainly would not want to view or update large spreadsheets or even email on a watch. Can you imagine what the keyboard would look like. So as TC points out many developers are sitting on the sideline waiting to see where the consumer goes with the watch. Sara Perez points out that it is not imaginable to read Facebook post on the watch, nor receiving annoying pops all day would be desirable on this interface. Sara also points out some of the drawbacks of apps currently on the watch including performance take a look at this article Maybe There Doesn’t Need To Be An Apple Watch App For Everything  by

Only time will tell how successful wearables and what makes sense to run on them.  Sit back and enjoy the ride.

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