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NUC Fast Little and we can Build It.

Looking for a  space saving computer with the power of a desktop, but a smaller footprint than a laptop.

The NUC by Intel may be the system you are looking for.

With hardware builds starting $498.00 not including the Windows operating system. We are building them all solid state no moving parts.

SSD drives in above example is a 250G drive.

NUC on a Box

What makes the NUC special? It’s size. at just about 4.5″  square and 1″-3″ thick it is one of the most non-obtrusive computers I have ever worked on.

Using a special mount they sit on the monitor and have minimal visual exposure. In a wireless situation power and video are the only cables present.

Stop in to check out our any time you are in Tarpon and see if one would be right for you.



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