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Massive Volume of Ransomware Downloaders being Spammed

Locky Encryption Virus

Java based.

A new variant of encryption virus is making its way around the word, Locky.  Take a look at the full details in the article to see how many attempts of this type are occurring. The numbers are out of this world. See some suggestion of firewall and mail security you can try to implement to reduce the exposure.

We are currently seeing extraordinarily huge volumes of JavaScript attachments being spammed out, which, if clicked on by users, lead to the download of a ransomware. Ransomware encrypts data on a hard drive, and then demands payment from the victim for the key to decrypt the data. Our Spam Research Database saw around 4 million malware spams in the last seven days, and the malware category as a whole accounted for 18% of total spam arriving at our spam traps. The graph below shows hourly spam traffic for t…


Source: Massive Volume of Ransomware Downloaders being Spammed


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