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Microsoft downgrades free OneDrive storage to 5GB, ends unlimited storage for Office 365 customers

We’re no longer planning to offer unlimited storage …

Support made easy for the small companies and end users.

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Customer Review/Comments April 22 2016

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3-D printing solves hair loss

Cesare RagazziCesare Ragazzi Laboratories is an established leader in the field of scientific research into hair and scalp disorders….

Organic foods: Are they safer? What is Conventional vs. Organic

…”organic” refers to the way farmers grow and process agricultural products…

Attackers view stolen or encrypted data as a powerful weapon

Ransomware demands are being paid by more companies with no other options. We continue to see new variations of these encryption virus programs. It is sad that many companies have to move to paying to get their data usable again. There are other forms of extortion going on that you may not be aware of […]

Kinde Oasis learn more and order through E2computers

Kindle Oasis—Reimagined …

Windows Update Facing Issues

Windows Update not working correctly …

Feds arrest ‘Celebgate’ suspect accused of hacking celebs – NY Daily News

  Anna Kendrick is one of over 100 celebrities whose private accounts had been allegedly compromised by Ryan Collins. The feds have nabbed one of the cyberfiends involved in the “Celebgate” hack that resulted in intimate pictures of stars like Jennifer Lawrence, Christina Hendricks and Anna Kendrick getting posted online. Ryan Collins, 36, of Lancaster, […]

DHC USA Eliminates Legacy PBX Systems in Favor of Much Richer RingCentral

Could RingCentral be good for you?