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Online Resources for Social Media Marketing

3 Best Online Resources for Social Media Marketing

Ways to improve managing social media

Managing Social Media can be a time consuming and at times difficult task. Making use of online resources that are available to you can relieve the stresses of curating your Social Media profiles. Below are three free online resources that can help maximize your Social Media efforts.


1. Scheduling Posts – Social Media Management is a full-time job that requires attention and regular interaction. Using applications such as Buffer and Hootsuite to schedule posts ahead of time will free up your schedule for other tasks.


2. Using Keywords – The right Keyword in your post could be the difference between a post going unseen and going viral. Social Mention monitors 80+ Social Media properties including: Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Google etc. Using Social Mention can help you determine which Keywords would give your post the most reach and visibility.

Involve your company in the conversation

3. Join The Conversation – Social Media is enticing because of the hundreds of thousands of conversations taking place simultaneously. Your audience is potentially talking about your company/brand indirectly. Using resources like Social Searcher will show you all the conversations going on in any specific topic. Joining the conversation will help grow your network.

These suggestion come from the Splash Media U newsletter Splash Zone April 4th 2016. Splash Media U is an organization that trains and certifies students on fundamentals of media marketing.

Our staff hopes these ideas are helpful for your marketing goals. If you are looking for assistance we are involved in Web Development, Advertising and Social Posting for several of our clients. Please give us a call to see how we can assist you.

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