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Attackers view stolen or encrypted data as a powerful weapon

Ransomware demands are being paid by more companies with no other options.

We continue to see new variations of these encryption virus programs. It is sad that many companies have to move to paying to get their data usable again. There are other forms of extortion going on that you may not be aware of take a look at the remainder of this article from computerworld.

With few options, companies increasingly yield to ransomware demands


Faced with few options, companies are increasingly giving in to cybercriminals who hold their data hostage and demand payment for its return, while law enforcement officials struggle to catch the nearly invisible perpetrators. SSD shootout: PCI Express blows away SATA and M.2 in throughput testing For the better part of a decade now, the traditional interface for hard drives has been Serial ATARead Now The risks to organizations have become so severe that many simply pay their attackers to make them go away — a strategy that may only embolden the crooks.

Source: With few options, companies increasingly yield to ransomware demands | Computerworld#tk.cw_nlt_computerworld_security_issues_2016-04-14#tk.cw_nlt_computerworld_security_issues_2016-04-14#tk.cw_nlt_computerworld_security_issues_2016-04-14


Take time to read this one.

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