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Smartphones are not productive at times.

Do smartphones decrease workers productivity?

In my opinion I believe that smartphones often cause a decrease in productivity in the workplace. If you are in front of your computer and  can have multiple windows open at once, email and other tools etc. Then why on earth do you need to be using the little screen on your phone or mini tablet unless you doing things that are not work related. Outside of the office the stay connected type issues the smartphone can be a plus.

Additionally, in retail as a consumer I agree that the smartphone can be a productivity killer lets face it how many times have you walked into a retail business and see the Sales Person, Customer Service rep or Attendant on their cell phone. Do you feel like they are making you wait for their personal benefit, what about the loss of business to the company because of the opinions/feeling of the customers being ignored.  Well take a look at Peter Nelson’s article about the productivity issues and cellphones in the workplace and see if you agree with him.

Most workers don’t have corporate email set up on their mobile devices. The bosses are peeved by that and other perceived, at-work smartphone transgressions.

Despite the hype of business chat messaging and a perception of smartphones introducing a connected work-everywhere lifestyle, a surprisingly large number of bosses are not at all happy with the proliferation of the devices.

Source: Smartphones not productive, managers say

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