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Is your call center HIPAA & PCI-DSS compliant?

Call center compliance

Our company has some experience in this issue and we are trying to keep up with the constantly changing laws. If it is difficult for us it must be tough for your business too.  CIO contributor Michael McAlpen also known as a Compliance Coach raises a few important issues especially if you handle Health info and Credit Cards for processing. Check out his article with the link below.  He asks 4 questions that most organizations need to be aware of especially if you are going to add surveillance cameras in the call center.

An astounding number of call center managers are unaware that they violate key compliance standards every day. Here are four common compliance issues, with fairly easy fixes that help to bring violators into compliance.

Is our call center compliant? That’s a question that I get asked a lot, since I’m the CISO for a company that provides cloud contact center solutions. And the sad truth is that it often only takes a few questions to figure out that the person’s call center is probably not fully compliant, at least not under their current rules of operation


Source: Don’t let your call center jeopardize compliance with HIPAA & PCI-DSS






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