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Cerber ransomware targets Microsoft Office 365 users

Office 365 users are targeted by phishing scams.

First identified back in March, Cerber ransomware made headlines again recently after reportedly targeting Microsoft Office 365 users through a large-scale zero-day attack.Outside estimates say the email was sent to millions of Office 365 users and that it took Microsoft more than 24 hours to block. Microsoft responded through a spokesperson, telling SC Magazine that Office 365 malware protection identified the threat and was updated within hours and that only a small amount of users were targeted.

Source: Cerber ransomware targets Microsoft Office 365 users

Crypto Locker and many others.

These malware threats have several things in common. They are easily moved by social engineering in message, files, pdf, spreadsheets etc.  They can be very costly if you are not backing up files. Simply copying to another drive or location may not be a solution. Often it can take days before you notice the files are being infected and if you are not using versioning than your backups may be no better than your corrupted files.

Contact us for more info on backup strategies or for a simple solution visit our Carbonite Store and at least start some method of protecting yourself today.

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