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CryptoDrop Early-Warning Ransomware Detector – Threatpost – The first stop for security news

Education brings new approach to identifying Crypto type attacks.

While most of the discussion around ransomware is rightly so about the unabated stampede of new strains and variations on existing samples, relatively little discourse focuses on detection beyond antivirus and intrusion prevention systems.Some generic ransomware detection systems for Windows and OS X exist, but many of those are signature-based or have other limitations that make them fairly trivial to bypass.

Source: CryptoDrop Early-Warning Ransomware Detector | Threatpost | The first stop for security news


This is a new approach to preventing the continued damage and act as a possible early warning. We look forward to methods like this being implemented into the war to protect personal, corporate, and governmental data.

One of the best methods to prevent total loss of your data is backup especially version backup that keeps multiple versions. Often it can be days before we become aware of data damage and if the system is only keeping a single backup/copy it may be too late before you realize your data is gone.

Check your method of backup and see that it is adequate. One solution we recommend for DIY backup is Carbonite checkout our Carbonite store front for  personal or small business solutions.

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