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Labor Day Sale

Labor Day Sale

Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition so is any biometric daily

…I will rip your face off…

Multiple Vulnerabilities Identified in ‘Utterly Broken’ Routers!

Routers that can not be secured? Will the average user understand or even know to care? While most users of routers will not understand the total meaning behind this, including us at times. But, a simple takeaway: Not all routers are created equal. You get what you pay for. Research and understand your security needs. Identify the […]

IoT is Amazon Dash going too far?

Is this just too much IoT Internet of Things I started searching for stories on IoT after I got an ad myself from amazon for one of these “Dash Buttons”. They appear to be a single function Wi-Fi enabled tool for ordering things. Is this why we spent so much effort redesigning the IP system. […]

Lockheed Martin Files Patent for Diamond-Printing 3D Printer

…a diamond-forming pre-ceramic polymer could be used to create 3D printed diamond objects…

Threat Map

Virus & Malware Threat Map