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IoT is Amazon Dash going too far?

Is this just too much IoT

Internet of Things

I started searching for stories on IoT after I got an ad myself from amazon for one of these “Dash Buttons”. They appear to be a single function Wi-Fi enabled tool for ordering things. Is this why we spent so much effort redesigning the IP system. Wow I know everyone loves Amazon but do I really need an “Easy Button” for everything Diapers, Soap, Garbage Bags, Cereal, Tissue, Toilette Paper etc. What makes this even worse is there are different buttons for each brand.  So what happens when your kid or nosy neighbor uses your bathroom and starts clicking on the Toilet Paper button think it’s a noise maker or a switch to turn on your fan…. Do you end up with a couple of hundred rolls of toilet paper at your door.  Will these devices provide a security risk for IoT and its end users? How will we secure them?  Well I linked to this article just so you could get an idea of were Amazon is headed with one of its new concepts.  Maybe if they made an electronic shopping list that could handle hundreds of items at a time would this make way better sense.  Make the device location aware so if you are in the bathroom it would list items appropriate for that room first. Next you will walk around your house and count stock like a manager in at 7-11 filling in current count and let the system automatically order based on reduction of current shelf count.  Funny the more I write about this idea the more it sounds kind of cool maybe this is the idea for Amazon.

In fairness some of the issues Amazon has already worked on like limiting the number of orders, until the arrive. Also some of the dash buttons may be able to order different items from the manufacture.


Well enjoy an introduction to one of the newest IoT devices I have seen.
 See Amazon Dash Buttons here

Life With The Dash Button: Good Design For Amazon, Bad Design For Everyone Else

..But after actually living with Amazon’s Dash buttons, I realized that they are just the latest symptom of Amazon’s slowly spreading disease. The company is no longer designing their products and services with a customer experience that will woo us to be loyal, but for profit maximization now that we’re here. The Dash button is an unabashed attempt to disconnect customers from the amount of money we’re spending. And frankly, even that would be fine, if only Dash buttons provided the instant product gratification they promise.

Source: Life With The Dash Button: Good Design For Amazon, Bad Design For Everyone Else | Co.Design | business + design


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