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Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition so is any biometric daily

Facial Recognition can it work or is it vulnerable?

How about the phrase “I will rip your face off” who knew this may be a reality?

I can counterfeit your face to gain access to a secure system.

Remember in all the movies and TV shows how they lift fingerprints to use them on biometric scanners, or cut a person’s eye out for a retinal scanner. Well once again a company has proven that these biometric tools can be scammed. Check out this article and the information presented at the Usenix security conference.

Facial recognition makes sense as a method for your computer to recognize you. After all, humans already use a powerful version of it to tell each other apart. But people can be fooled (disguises! twins!), so it’s no surprise that even as computer vision evolves, new attacks will trick facial recognition systems, too. Now researchers have demonstrated a particularly disturbing new method of stealing a face: one that’s based on 3-D rendering and some light Internet stalking.

Source: Hackers Trick Facial-Recognition Logins With Photos From Facebook (What Else?) | WIRED


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