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Dropbox users hacked and now may get phishing emails.

More hacks in common applications.

Dropbox a commonly used file sharing program.


Dropbox, the popular file sharing service, has experienced a data breach that could affect up to 60 million users. Dropbox is urging their users to change their passwords immediately. In addition, we are seeing an increase in Dropbox related phishing emails.

Source: Dropbox Data Breach and Phishing Scams |


Please take time to review this post and visit the Hipaasecurenow link they have a video that shows some simple ways how to identify possible bad links on your email. we have documented this in the past but it is a good reminder.

Dropbox users will be required to change their passwords.

Security information that you need to be aware of from the techies on the web and E2 Computers in Tarpon Springs FL providing sales and support including remote technical support.

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