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E2 Computers has a Carbonite Store

Carbonite Store ] DIY – If you plan to install it yourself please visit our self checkout store. Carbonite Store

Wish you could have a desktop that looked and felt like a Microsoft Surface?

Surface as a desktop. New product release from Microsoft. Pre Order Now

DDOS attacks raise questions from lawmakers — FCW

In the wake of last weeks distributed denial-of-service attack that crippled high-profile websites by attacking underlying infrastructure…

Doctors are failing to protect your privacy as a patient

Article: Doctors are failing to protect your privacy as a patient Posted in: HIPAA, HIPAA Violations|By: Art Gross|October 25, 2016No Comments The title of the Business Insider article ( Doctors are failing to protect your privacy as a patient ) will open a lot of eyes. The article is written from a patient perspective on […]

Hospital Pays $400,000 HIPAA Breach but Hillary only get’s slap on the wrist.

The federal investigation stemmed from the loss of unencrypted backup tapes containing patient data, which were maintained by the hospital’s parent company…

ORNL, Boeing Win Guinness World Record For Biggest 3D-Printed Piece

Guinness World Records has awarded the world record for the largest solid 3D-printed item…

Do you really need a degree to break Into IT?

More and more, employers are turning to certifications, internships and apprenticeships to identify and hire capable workers….

Is Amazon always the lowest and are you always getting product from Amazon?

So you buy from Amazon I do. Is Amazon the best. Well some things I have learned and consumerist Chris Morran is writing about, it’s not always cheaper. Surprisingly your items may even come from different retailers, actually not that surprising. Another fact is Amazon is not the fastest online retailer all the time. In […]

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