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Is Amazon always the lowest and are you always getting product from Amazon?

So you buy from Amazon I do.

Is Amazon the best.

Well some things I have learned and consumerist Chris Morran is writing about, it’s not always cheaper. Surprisingly your items may even come from different retailers, actually not that surprising. Another fact is Amazon is not the fastest online retailer all the time. In another report that we will try to blog later this week excluding “Prime Membership” but Target was faster than Amazon.


It doesn’t happen a lot, especially if you’re an Amazon Prime member, but occasionally if you order an item from an Amazon third-party seller you might end up with an item shipped in a Target box, or containing a shipping receipt from Walmart. It’s not illegal or a scam, but it probably means you paid more than you should have.

Source: Why Does My Amazon Order Have A Walmart Or Target Shipping Order Inside? – Consumerist


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