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Do you really need a degree to break Into IT?

College Degree or Not?

Unfotunatley with less students enrolling in college this is a big question across many industries. Often in the past companies would train new employees entering from college in the skills they need for the job. Today many companies do not want to take on training so they look to hiring workers with specific skill regardless of a degree, so certifications and experience may be the answer read on and see what the industry actually says. This is an article from CompTIA.

The IT industry has changed drastically over recent years, and as a result, so have the skills and experiences needed by organizations. No longer does a B.A. guarantee you success in the IT industry.

Students aspiring to a career in the IT industry are often presented with an apparent paradox: technology careers represent readily-available and well-paid work, but are gated by the increasingly inaccessible costs of a four-year degree. Thankfully, this is only half-true. More and more, employers are turning to certifications, internships and apprenticeships to identify and hire capable workers….

Source: Do you really need a degree to break Into IT?


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