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Locky now using the Aesir Extension

Locky AESIR variant being distributed via Fake ISP Complaint Emails…

GOP chairman open to some regulation of internet devices

GOP chairman open to some regulation of internet devices A Republican chairman says he’s open to a “certain level of regulation” on internet-connected devices to prevent a repeat of a recent major cyberattack. But Rep. Greg Walden (Ore.) also said new cybersecurity rules might not be enough. “While I’m not taking certain level of regulation […]

Urgent Phishing Alert: Warn Your Users Against AdultFriendFinder Scams Now

Data breach – Target Porn and Adult related sites. AdultFriendFinder this breach reaches over 340 Million users. With that small of a target (sarcasm) its no wonder why this industry is full of virus, and scams.   Your end-users may have seen this in the news yesterday, or will read about it today. A massive […]

Before you vote – Do you think you have a good job?

Is your job this good? This article is a few years old but it is a nice reminder of what we are giving an individual when we send them to Washington.  If you think the person you are voting for deserves these type of perks, and is doing the right thing for you then go […]

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