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Before you vote – Do you think you have a good job?

Is your job this good?

This article is a few years old but it is a nice reminder of what we are giving an individual when we send them to Washington.  If you think the person you are voting for deserves these type of perks, and is doing the right thing for you then go ahead punch his ticket. But, if you think that congress is stuck and its time to pull back existing members than vote to remove them. It is time to change the landscape of our lawmakers and find ones that want to work for us. Enjoy the article below and see how your job ranks.

Congressional perks like free gym, haircuts and cars prove a tempting target for candidates

While crises mount abroad and at home, some candidates this year are betting that a big issue for voters will be free gym use and subsidized haircuts on Capitol Hill. Hoping to tap some of the virulent anti-Washington rage coursing through the electorate, Democratic candidates in Republican-leaning House districts have proposed nearly identical plans to revoke…


Amendment 1 in Florida

Floridians take time to understand Amendment 1 and Vote no.

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