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Hyperlinks beware – lead you right to virus purgatory

A simple message to help keep yourself from goin to “Malware/Ransomware Purgatory”

This is not going to be a very technical post just a simple on for this season. Remember you will be seeing lots of sites with links and email with links that you may not recognize or even know. But you need to try to avoid falling into the simple trap. Learn to read the hyperlink before you click. A very common email is one from a National package carrier and it has a link for more information to track your package.  In many browsers if you put your mouse over the link it will show you the text of the link not just the message you are reading. For example the link on this page  “This link does nothing” you will see it actually does something. You will see it will take you to my AMAZON Affiliate store front, by the way I would greatly appreciate any purchases made though this link. Your purchases will help continue to fund our Ramblings. In other cases the links will not be so friendly many you will not eve see a page come up they may just execute a program with out your knowledge.

If you get an email and it does not appear to be for you or it was not something you are expecting. Delete it and don’t bother even marking it as spam or clicking on a remove me from the list type link because that will just make the sender aware you are a living breathing email box.

Do not click on a link if you think it is bad without doing some inspection of the link.

When in doubt throw it out or get assistance from someone who can help you.

These are real simple safety tips but surprisingly more users are click happy and seem to think it can’t happen to me.

A holiday tip for 2016 from E2 Computers.

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