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Jack in the box sells 544 Million of these and I can’t even get one.

Jack in the Box tacos

It is not good food it is a pure addiction. Imagine taking an already unhealthy food item and deep-frying it. They are crunch and soggy at the same time. It is not a love for good food but an addiction to a texture and flavor. This is a bit of my nostalgic look back at my early driving days and of course the demise of most of the Jack in the Box stores in Chicago.  One of these days maybe the will return to the Tampa area too.


This taco has been described as “cat food.” But Americans eat 554 million each year

Fans of fast food chain Jack in the Box (jack, -2.90%) may or may not be surprised to learn that the company’s best-selling item is its long-running and much maligned taco.

The Wall Street Journal reports that 554 million of the tacos are eaten every year, despite many customers proclaiming they are “vile” and “disgusting.”

The company—better known for its burgers—creates its tacos by putting a tortilla wrapped with beef filling into the fryer, and then topped with hot sauce, lettuce and American cheese. This combination, atypical for tacos, have led to doubts whether the concoction Jack in the Box cooks up even is a taco.

Customers have described the fillings as oily and gooey, especially if it’s not immediately consumed. As one Twitter user puts it, “they’re more like a wet envelope of cat food.”

Source: Americans Eat 554 Million Jack in the Box Tacos Every Year


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