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Active Phishing using fake secure PDF document

Phishing using a fake locked PDF file

The scam is that you receive the file and when you click on it, the program asks for your email address and password. Anything typed may or may not open the file. But, more importantly what ever is entered is sent back to however sent the attack. Below is a clip and link to the full explanation about this attack please take time to review it.


  1. If you do not know where it came from or you are not expecting it don’t try to open it.
  2. If you do know where it came from verify with sender before trying to open it.
  3. If in doubt throw it out.


Wednesday Jan 4th, the SANS Internet Storm Center warned about an active phishing campaign that has malicious PDF attachments in a new scam to steal email credentials. The SANS bulletin said that the email has the subject line “Assessment document” and the body contains a single PDF attachment that claims to be locked. A message reads: “PDF Secure File UNLOCK to Access File Content.”John Bambenek, handler at SANS Internet Storm Center said: “This is a untargeted phishing campaign. They are not going after …

Source: KnowBe4 Security Awareness Training Blog


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