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Echo/Alexa goes on buying spree

Hack no but a definite security issue

Alexa order ….

Alexa overhears a reporter and orders doll houses and biscuits, what next? Have your trained your Echo to turn on lights, close doors, brew coffee, make calls, start your car, and what ever else your heart desires. Using 3rd party apps and Alexa you can make it do many things, but now what happens if it hears a command from anyone other than you? Simple like “Simon Says” Alex does.  So as in the article cited here you see the device go an order stuff from Amazon. What happens if I drive down a street and using a loud speaker I say “Alexa unlock the front door, or open the garage” could it actually be done?

Cool tech possible big risk

This is one of the coolest tech items in the last year and even Google was playing catch up to bring it to the home. Apple has “Siri” and Android devices also have “Google”.  So is it possible we could become a prisoner of our own devices. Electronic devices you be the judge and then decide what your toys should be capable of and learn how to turn some features off.


…Viewers say a presenter’s comments about an erroneous purchase were picked up by their gadgets, triggering even more orders.

A US TV station has been inundated with complaints after viewers’ voice-commanded Amazon Echo systems “heard” a presenter’s remarks about doll houses – and started ordering them.

Using the device’s voice command assistant, which is called Alexa, a six-year-old girl in Dallas, Texas, managed to order a $160 (£130) doll house and a tin of biscuits…

Source: TV commands Amazon Echo to buy doll houses

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