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Have you thought about  the actual cost to a business of a data breach?

Data Breach

The costs visible and hidden

Beyond the financial costs many business suffer their reputation. Check out this story by Guy Clapperton from the Naked Security.  It may be eye-opening or even jaw dropping.

Cisco has released the 10th of its annual cybersecurity reports, leading some publications to scream that security breaches can cost businesses 20% of their annual turnover. If you burrow into the headlines, however, it becomes apparent that only a third of the companies questioned in the (admittedly substantial) survey claimed such a loss. Other reports place the value much, much lower – but nobody is denying it’s a problem or that it’s increasing. The Cisco survey takes in 3,000 respondents at chief execu-

Source: What’s the actual cost to a business of a data breach? – Naked Security


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