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What is enhanced data privacy, and does it matter to me?

Privacy, Security and the definition of what is sensitive.

Below is a key passage in debate as to what should or is considered sensitive information. This is part of an ongoing issue between ISP, Telco and Cable providers.  It helps classify what data can be used for opt-in or opt-out usage.  To see more details on the whole issue read the article from the Naked Security blog. It is a good primer on the data debate and may be shocking to find out how data is collected and used.

The key take away about the two types of opt in programs is simply explained.

  1. If data is not sensitive companies can use it freely until you opt-out.
  2. If data is considered sensitive you must agree to allow the use in therefore you must opt-in.

That is the end of the simple part. Now the debate is on what is sensitive and by whose standards. Again I defer to the article so you can get a read on what is going on and how delays in legislation are allowing your data to be used even though you may have thought it was sensitive.

Say goodbye to enhanced data privacy, US web surfers – Naked Security

…If the FTC also wants opt-in consent for data, then what’s the big deal? The issue revolves around what constitutes sensitive data. The FCC casts a wide net when classifying data as sensitive, including all of a customer’s web browsing data. The FTC has a tighter focus. Only certain web sites in areas such as health would be considered sensitive. For more on this, here’s a Federalist Society podcast where people from both sides of the debate weigh in…

Source: Say goodbye to enhanced data privacy, US web surfers – Naked Security


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