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Intel chip flaw allows hackers to hijack thousands of PCs

More security issues uncovered

Intel’s AMT chip has a vulnerability discovered

AMT chips are on the motherboard of many Intel based computers and laptops. This chip allows support personal to manage a computer remotely even when windows is not booting correctly. This is also called out of band management. AMT stands for Intel’s Active Management Technology.


James Titcomb 8 May 2017 • 10:21am

Thousands of PCs could be vulnerable to an Intel security flaw that allows hackers to remotely hijack computers.The bug, which exists in Intel processors dating back almost a decade, allows cyber criminals to access a computer’s mouse and keyboard, granting them full access to the PC’s files and letting them install computer viruses even if the computer is turned off.The flaw allows hackers to easily bypass the security on the “AMT” port used by IT departments to remotely access computers in order to provide support and install software.

Source: Intel chip flaw allows hackers to hijack thousands of PCs

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