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IOT secure or not? I think not

Imagine that your refrigerator and its companions can work against you in coordinated effort.

Great now that I got your attention I want to reiterate an ongoing theme device on the internet pose a security threat. At this time I believe now and forever or at least a really long time.  Over and over again you hear how device need to be batched because a backdoor or exploit was discovered. Essentially Windows has never stopped patching except when the moth ball a version of the software.  Since its inception as an example Windows has constantly need to be  updated and patched. We call it Patch Tuesday because it is done mostly on Tuesday nights. So now with an idea of how difficult it is to make something bulletproof imagine having millions of these devices connected to the relatively in protected internet. I am not saying that we do not try to protect ourselves but as quickly as we do someone finds an new way to get around our security.

Earth Visualization

So here is a little article discussing what appears to be a botnet that involves small things like your wireless cameras, and other consumer type of goods.

Is Check Point right and a major storm is brewing, you be the judge, but if you think like we do it’s not will it happen it is just when.

Up to a million organisations around the world have already been infected by a new computer bot network that has the potential to “take down the internet”, researchers warn.According to cybersecurity company Check Point, a new botnet has been spotted which is enslaving internet-of-things (IoT) devices – mainly internet routers and remote cameras. “The next cyber-hurricane is about to come,” the firm claimed in a report this week (19 October).

Source: This new botnet could take down the internet – and it’s rapidly spreading across the world

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