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Facebook lack of privacy

Facebook Privacy one of my earliest complaints. When you participate in 3rd party software from games to marketing companies FB issues a warning screen. The screen usually lets you know you are leaving FB site and that you are willingly giving information to the 3rd party.  This is a great warning but it is not really protecting the correct individual. Just because I am a friend of someone that does not mean I want to give my information to the 3rd party. However, the warning to the user says you are going to give information like your name, other personal data, and your friend’s list. I have seen posts in the past that FB has limited this in 2015,

My question is why did FB allow it at all and how do you guarantee it is still not being done?

FB here is a simple solution when to one issue when I engage in an activity it does not mean that all my friends want to participate in it too. So do not make the assumption to share data other than my own. I am responsible for my data and not my friends.

One other interesting thing was discussed in the congressional meeting with Mark, the User Agreement. It was mentioned that the agreement was over 35 pages with many links to other topics. If this is a user based platform the legal speak needs to be limited to a page or 2 because most people do not understand the agreement nor will they read it to the end.

To our Government, you too have made our information to easily accessible and in many ways very much like FB. Let me give an example I refinance my house which requires the usual legal documentation and public records etc.  In the past to find this information I had to take time to go to the county and look up records of deeds, loans etc. With the idea of electronic records, we simplified the process. Now with making many of these records easily accessible on the internet with no challenge to the end user why they need the information we get solicited endlessly. I get offers for credit cards, welcome to the neighborhood, insurance, lawn care etc. Yes, in general, I get some of this mail all the time. But, right after a major purchase or closing a loan the amount of this type of mail increases. How is this any different than FaceBook’s privacy issue.

Food for thought important in the data process industry Data Availability, Accessibility, Rights/Security.

Even if the information is available for free, you do not have to pay the Company or Government Entity for the information, should it be readily available to anyone who can get it.

What do you think? Is the government, county records, loan companies etc just as guilty of panhandling our personal information?

For more information on how to stop 3rd party applications from exposing your data click here.

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