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Urban mining are you familiar with it?

Mining for precious metals in todays world.


Mining has made the news recently. Most techies would assume we are talking about crypto mining. Older readers may assume precious metals from the ground like gold, silver and many other precious metals. It is interesting when many businesses and counties send teams to all parts of the world to mine fresh new ore one country seems to have a large take on the industry by re-mining existing metals from the used products they are found in. Because of the large growing battery market for vehicles lithium, mercury and many other metals have gained great value in the marketplace. South Korea is one of very large player in the recycling of metal from dead electronics. Take a look at the article linked here to see how much the demand is going to increase in the immediate future. In the article by Jane Chung, Ju-min Park they pointed out that major automotive manufactures are interested in these products. Another fact that is interesting they are harvesting 60% to 70% of the waste from the USA.





Urban mining in South Korea pulls rare battery materials from recycled tech

GUNSAN, South Korea (Reuters) – Workers at a rural South Korean factory are busy extracting some of the world’s most coveted metals, used in the batteries that power electric cars. But they’re not digging in the ground or refining ore. Instead, they are sorting through a pile of lithium-ion batteries from old mobile phones and laptops.

Source: Urban mining in South Korea pulls rare battery materials from recycled tech

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