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April 2019 Outlook.com compromised!

Microsoft acknowledges a limited breach

In a blog from Hot For Security written by Graham Cluley he details some of the information about this breach.

Breach acknowledged the weekend of April 14th, 2019

Microsoft indicated that it was a limited number of Outllook.com accounts. Hackers were able to access user info including addresses, folder names, and address of users they correspond too. The unauthorized access took place from January 1st thru March 28th, 2019.

Microsoft’s next step

Microsoft identified one of its support agents had their username and password stolen. The company issued and advisory to warn users that they may receive phishing and other spam type emails. At question in this and other articles referred by the HFS blog, was Microsoft transparent about the breach?

Was it a limited breach?

Graham Cluley leaves his reader with the point that this may not be so limited in nature. Now it is time for you to evaluate the issue for yourself. Please read the entire article by Graham on the Hot For Security blog. Also, visit his link to articles in TechCrunch and Motherboard.

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